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About Us

Our leadership has worked for and consulted for nonprofits for years mostly in the C suite, either as CFO, Executive Director or CEO. Through these efforts the opportunity to help nonprofits improve their operations and optimize their development has become clear. Too often falling back to tried and true practices or lack of understanding is the excuse heard as to why social media or other new opportunities for new member/donor attraction, that needs to change as the world changes.

We also saw that there wasn’t much there to support these efforts of change, most software development focuses primarily on for profit, understandably so when that is where most people have experience and there are many more potential customers. However, as donors become more and more savvy, improved processes and insights have become more and more important for nonprofits.



To assist nonprofits in the growth of their development through predictive insights.


To improve return on investment for nonprofits through predictive analysis and helping them better understand their opportunity for development growth.